No longer the whiny Nigel, he anglicizes his Cheyenne name to become Blackie Wolfe.Pascal grooms Blackie to take over the trade business, but at seventeen, can Blackie handle it? Can he convince Pascal to fire the troublesome Phillippe and make Blackie the team leader? When he leads a trade parley, it turns sour and Blackie is taken hostage. The Bannocks hold Blackie in trade for kegs of the forbidden gunpowder.

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Zach’s Gold

In California Bound Jeb and Zach dreamed of finding gold.
Zach goes on his quest alone.

  • Zach hunts for gold!
  • Claim-jumpers hunt for Zach!
  • He makes ’em regret it when they find him!

The 2nd book in the Jeb& Zach series. Learn how the taciturn and solitary Zach operates when Jeb isn’t doing all the talking.

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Read the first three chapters of Frank Kelso’s novel “Zach’s Gold 
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When a bandit kidnapped Becky Jeb and Zach rescued her.

No good deed goes unpunished.
Juan, the dead bandit’s brother, wants revenge!
He swears Becky will pay for his brother’s death.
The problem is Juan Cortina is the “Bandit King,” and he’s a general in Mexico with a 2,500-man army.

Those gringos won’t stand a chance in Hell, Juan vows.

Can the Texans stop Juan’s men from taking Becky again?
Will Zach return from Colorado in time to fight Juan?
Do Jeb and Zach have a prayer against Juan’s army?

A thousand-to-one aren’t good odds, but Jeb and Zach have faced impossible odds before. Jeb is handy with a stick of dynamite and Zach is deadly with his pair of Remington’s.

Juan’s Revenge is the 3rd dramatic story in the Jeb & Zach series of gritty western action and adventure.

Buy Juan’s Revenge and journey through the real Wild West today!

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The Apprenticeship of Nigel Blackthorn

A missionary family slaughtered by Comanche.

A teen boy left to die on the prairie.

Can his grit help him survive long enough to exact his revenge?

Coming-of-Age in 1853 Texas. YA & HEA

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The Posse: 8 Historical Western Romances

8 Western Stories you will love!

“One Way or Another” By Frank Kelso
A bitter water dispute twists two Texas cattle ranches one way or another after the son of one rancher takes a shine to the other rancher’s daughter, new from the east.

“The Schoolmarm’s Hero” By Lyn Horner
The Sheriff leads a posse after two drunken cowboys who kidnapped the spinster schoolmarm. The chase forces him to realize how much he loves her.

“Bad Day at Round Rock” By cj petterson
The pursuit of stolen gold culminates in a “Bad Day at Round Rock”–a story of greed, death, and love torn from pages of West Texas history.

“The Reckoning” by Charlene Raddon
A half-breed boy seeks his place in the world—with the Shoshone who raised him, or his white aunt and uncle where he has been sent for an education.

“Headed for Texas” By Chimp Robertson
Rowdy Hawkins’s been shot, stabbed, and caught in Custer’s attack on Black Kettle, but it’s the first time he’s ever been in love—with Black Kettle’s granddaughter.

Bonus Story
“The Savage Posse” By JS Stroud
A death-bringer, neither whites nor Apaches wanted her until they needed one full of venom to lead their Savage Posse in rescuing stolen children.

“Set a Thief” By Chuck Tyrell
The man who stole Kimberly’s prize pinto returns the mare. “Let the man have his say,” her Pa says. “Don’t expect to come courting,” she warns.

“Tibby’s Hideout” By Frank Kelso
After the Civil War, Bess Newcomb, a single mother, wants to remarry, but Tibby, her eight-year old son, isn’t sure he wants a new dad—he decides to hideout.

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Texas Lawmen won’t go!
The U.S. Cavalry can’t go!
2 Civil War vets wade the Rio to find a stolen girl!

In a Union POW camp, Jeb and Zach dreamed of California Gold, but the road West leads Jeb to his sis’s home in Texas. They ride home to find a border war raging on the Rio Bravo near Eagle Pass TX! Cattle rustled! Ranches burnt! Innocents killed or kidnapped! Juan Cortina holds a grudge against the Yankees, and he lets his younger brother, Miguel, ride roughshod along the Rio.

Jeb’s niece Rebecca is missing. Jeb is wounded when he confronts 2 Cortina men about her location. A young widow tends Jeb in healing after the Doc sews his wound. Jeb and Zach take a shine to the bold and sassy lady.

“Aww, man. After all the time we been together, are we gonna fight over a woman?” Zach asked.
“No fight needed,” Jeb said. “She’s gonna decide, then get us think it was our idea.”
“She always does,” Zach replied.

Jeb and Zach trick Cortina to rescue Rebecca but Miguel crosses the Rio Bravo to take Eagle Pass hostage! Either Jeb and Zach surrender to him or he burns the town! He plans to marry Rebecca!
Jeb and Zach promised to put an end to Miguel’s rampage—or die trying!
Will they ever get to California?

California Bound is the first dramatic story in the Jeb and Zach series of gritty westerns. If you like rich descriptions, multidimensional characters, and tales that bring history to life, then you’ll love this wild “shoot ’em up” adventure across the Rio!

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A novel by Frank Kelso
Coming Soon

Read the first chapter of Frank Kelso’s upcoming  novel “A Message To Santa Fe.”
PDF, Mobi and Epub included in download

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